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Old Fashioned Telephone


In a nut shell: nearly 25 years of dedication to client needs and hard work.

Chaney & Associates’ inception was in October, 1992, with the receipt of an Entrepreneurial Grant from BP America in Cleveland, Ohio.  The principals are Carol and Marty Feczko. 

Carol graduated from John Carroll University in 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing with an Economics concentration.  Carol worked for BP America, managing service stations in Dayton, Ohio for over two years.  Before taking a voluntary separation from BP in 1992, Carol was promoted to corporate headquarters, where she worked in the Advertising Department, serving as a liaison between the non-fuel departments and the advertising companies for promotional campaigns.

Marty is also a 1987 graduate of John Carroll University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics with concentrations in Computer Science, Math and Statistics.  Marty took a position as an Intern at Progressive Insurance as an Internal Auditor.  Over the next four years, he was promoted to Senior Marketing Analyst for Workers’ Compensation products.  During this period, Marty also earned an MBA from Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management, presented in May, 1992. 

In the spring of 1992, BP America offered a voluntary separation packages to all employees, and Progressive Insurance was closing its transportation division where Marty was employed.  Carol and Marty made the decision to move back to their hometown in Pittsburgh, PA, get married and start the operations of Chaney & Associates. 

They applied for and received the Entrepreneurial Assistance Grant from BP America, and Chaney & Associates was founded.  In 2000 Marty took a minority share position and moved into the role of CFO to better manage the growth and complexity of provider and product changes in the marketplace.

Since its inception in 1992, Chaney has seen tremendous revenue growth and is currently an over $6 Million annual producer.  The original Chaney Sole Proprietorship has evolved into Chaney Inc dba Chaney & Associates.  Our success has largely been due to our competition’s lack of knowledge, poor customer service and single minded focus on selling only. 

Because Chaney started by auditing Bell Atlantic and other local phone company bills with supplemental learning using local telephone company tariffs, seminars, and other consultants, we have more core knowledge of the platforms and systems that exist in the Marketplace. 

And most importantly, we listen to the clients.  We have always expanded our business at the request of clients.  We just do not say no to a new idea or provider that makes sense in the real applications that are thrown at us daily.  And finally, we are a no cost service department for all of our clients to use at will.  This is our core differentiator in the Market.  While many make this claim, we actually back it up – our doubting Thomas customers even now attest to this.

We are now specialists in all aspects of Data and Voice Services including measured services, toll free, conference and video calling, local service, WAN data, internet connections, Cloud, VOIP, SD-WAN, Security, Bandwidth Maximization, and equipment hardware (telephone systems, voice mail, data and Internet).

We chose this industry because of its bad reputation and poor customer service.  This has been what sets us apart from others.  Because we care for our clients, our customer retention rate is above Industry Averages.  We focus on taking the hassle, frustration, confusion and mystery out of our Clients' Data and Telecommunications needs.

Our goal is always to expand our capabilities as we establish and strengthen long-term client relationships. Our long-term focus has allowed us to capture the respect of our clients, peers and the Marketplace.  It is the quality of our work that has created our exceptional market reputation and enables us to continue to expand.

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